Protein macros
Protein macros:

Beef -- 90% lean ground
Beef -- 93% lean ground
Beef -- 95% lean ground
Beef -- 96% lean ground
Beef -- Castle Wood: Deli roast beef
Beef -- Eye of round
Beef -- Filet mignon
Beef -- Flank steak
Beef -- Jerky, Cherry Chipotle
Beef -- Jerky, Jack Link's original
Beef -- Jerky, Real Steak Original
Beef -- Kirkland, Beef Jerky, steak strips
Beef -- Marks & Spencer, Xtra Lean Min Steak
Beef -- NY strip
Beef -- Top round
Beef -- Top sirloin
Beyond Meat, beef crumbles
Bison -- 96% lean
Bison -- Laverstoke Park Buffalo Mince
Bread -- Paleo Bread - Coconut
Cheese -- Athenos reduced fat FETA
Cheese -- Cathedral City cheddar light
Cheese -- Feta- TJ's Fat Free crumbles
Cheese -- Frigo Light String Cheese
Cheese -- Great Value Reduced Fat Cheddar
Cheese -- Kraft Natural FF
Cheese -- Kraft, FF Mozzarella
Cheese -- Laughing Cow: Lt. creamy swiss
Cheese -- Rumiano, Red Fat Cheddar
Cheese -- Sargento, reduced fat Mozzarella
Cheese -- Sargento, reduced fat Swiss
Chicken -- Boar's Head: Hickory smoke
Chicken -- Breast, boneless/skinless
Chicken -- canned-Valley
Chicken -- Chef's Cut Honey BBQ jerky
Chicken -- chicken dog, TJ
Chicken -- Chicken Jerky nuggets, Jack Link's, Buff
Chicken -- Flakes of Chicken, Compliments canned
Chicken -- Gerber Sweet Italian sausage
Chicken -- Harvestland burgers Florentine
Chicken -- Jerky, Chef's Cut Teriyaki
Chicken -- Kirkland chunk
Chicken -- Perdue RAW ground chicken
Chicken -- Sausage, Applegat Farms, apple
Chicken -- Sausage, Applegat Farms, red pepper
Chicken -- Swanson Premium chunk chicken breast
Chicken -- Thighs, boneless/skinless
Chicken -- Thin 'n Trim, Buffalo sausage
Chicken -- Tyson, canned
Cottage cheese -- Breakstone 2%
Cottage cheese -- Breakstone 4% small curd
Cottage cheese -- Breakstone Fat free
Cottage cheese -- Bulla low fat
Cottage cheese -- California Sunshine Lowfat
Cottage cheese -- Dairyland 1%
Cottage cheese -- Daisy 2%
Cottage cheese -- Foremost 1%
Cottage cheese -- Friendship 1%
Cottage cheese -- Friendship Fat free
Cottage cheese -- Great Value Fat Free
Cottage cheese -- Kemp's 1%
Cottage cheese -- Knudson 2%
Cottage cheese -- Light N Lively Low fat
Cottage cheese -- Low Fat, TJ
Cottage cheese -- Lucerne .4% dry curd
Cottage cheese -- Nordica 1%
Cottage cheese -- Organics Cottage Cheese
Cracker -- It's Alive, sprouted
Dairy -- Honey Maple, Presient's Choice deli
Egg -- All White Liquid EW
Egg -- Egg, white
Egg -- Egg, whole
Egg -- EggBeaters
Egg -- Kirkland Egg stirs
Egg -- Kirkland egg whites
Egg -- Kroger break free whites
Egg -- NutraEgg liquid whites
Egg -- Simply Eggwhites
Flour -- Almond, Dowd & Rogers
Milk: dairy & non-dairy -- Almond Breeze: Unsw. choc.
Milk: dairy & non-dairy -- Milk, 1%
Milk: dairy & non-dairy -- Milk, Cole's light
Milk: dairy & non-dairy -- Milk, nonfat
PB2 powdered peanut butter
Pork -- Bacon, Jones Canadian
Pork -- Bacon, Kroger Canadian
Pork -- Canadian Bacon, Hormel
Pork -- Ham, Brandt, Black Forest smoked
Pork -- Ham, smoked black forest, Mapleleaf nat
Pork -- Hormel, Natural choice, smoked ham
Pork -- Kirkland Black Forest Ham
Pork -- Kirkland Pork Sirloin Tip Roast
Pork -- Longo's Honey baked ham
Pork -- Maple Leaf, Italian style ham deli slice
Pork -- Pork loin chops, boneless
Pork -- sliced pork loin, Lou's
Pork -- Tenderloin
Protein powder -- About Time: Birthday Cake
Protein powder -- Allmax Isoflex Caramel Macchiato
Protein powder -- Allmax Vanilla Casein
Protein powder -- American Whey: Choc.
Protein powder -- Betty Lou's
Protein powder -- Beverly Intl.: Choc.
Protein powder -- Beverly Intl: C&C
Protein powder -- BioX
Protein powder -- BNRG: Fr. vanilla
Protein powder -- Body Fortress: Vanilla
Protein powder -- Body Nutrition, Magic Pudding, choc.
Protein powder -- BodyTech, Whey Tech Pro 24
Protein powder -- Bowmar Nutrition, Protein Hot Choc
Protein powder -- BSN Lean Dessert - Any
Protein powder -- Carb Solutions
Protein powder -- Carnivore
Protein powder -- Cellucor Peanut butter marshmallow
Protein powder -- Champ Nutr.: C&C
Protein powder -- Champ Nutr.: Choc.
Protein powder -- Champ Nutr.: Strawberry
Protein powder -- Champ Nutr.: Vanilla
Protein powder -- Champion Nutr.: Cocoa mochaccino
Protein powder -- Crosport: Vanilla
Protein powder -- Cytosport Monster, Vanilla
Protein powder -- De Novo Nutrition, Candy Bar
Protein powder -- De Novo Nutrition, white cake
Protein powder -- Designer Whey All Nat.: Fr. Vanilla
Protein powder -- Devotion Nutrition Angel Food Cake
Protein powder -- Diesel, Whey Isolate, Choc PB
Protein powder -- doTerra, Vanilla
Protein powder -- Dymatize Elite: Cafe Mocha
Protein powder -- Dymatize: iso 100 Gourmet Choc
Protein powder -- Dymatize: Rich choc.
Protein powder -- DynaWhey
Protein powder -- EAS
Protein powder -- EAS Advantage Carb Control RTD
Protein powder -- EAS: Vanilla
Protein powder -- Exact Whey Protein Strawberry
Protein powder -- FitMiss, Choc Delight
Protein powder -- GNC 100% egg protein
Protein powder -- GNC RTD total lean Swiss Choc
Protein powder -- GNC-Pro Perf AMP Wheybolic Ext 60
Protein powder -- Growing Naturals, yellow pea
Protein powder -- Hammer Nutrition Vegan
Protein powder -- Harmonized Protein, Vanilla
Protein powder -- Integrated Supplements
Protein powder -- Interactive Nutrition vegetarian
Protein powder -- IsaGenix IsaLean: French vanilla
Protein powder -- Isagenix: Unflavored whey
Protein powder -- Iso Sensation 93 Banana Ice Cream
Protein powder -- Iso-ology, Jamocha
Protein powder -- Isofle: Choc.
Protein powder -- IsoPure Zero Carb RTD
Protein powder -- Isopure: Zero Carb
Protein powder -- Jay Rob, egg white, choc
Protein powder -- Jay Robb
Protein powder -- Kaizen chocolate
Protein powder -- LeanFit, Choc whey
Protein powder -- LeanFit, Vanilla
Protein powder -- Magnum Quattro Choc PB
Protein powder -- Magnum Quattro Salted Caramel
Protein powder -- Met-Rx: Choc.
Protein powder -- Met-Rx: Vanilla
Protein powder -- Metablic Drive: Choc.
Protein powder -- Metabolic Drive: Banana cream
Protein powder -- MRM All Nat Whey: Dutch Choc.
Protein powder -- MRM Veggie Protein Choc
Protein powder -- Muscle Milk, RTD Cookies n Creme
Protein powder -- Muscle Milk, vanilla creme
Protein powder -- Muscle Milk: Mocha latte
Protein powder -- MuscleTech: Choc.
Protein powder -- Myofusion: All flavors
Protein powder -- MyoLean Evolution: Choc. PB
Protein powder -- Natural Factors: Double choc.
Protein powder -- NFA, P94 Vanilla Ice Cream
Protein powder -- Nutracore Lean Active -Sherbert
Protein powder -- OL, Pea protein, choc
Protein powder -- ON Gold Standard: C&C
Protein powder -- ON Natural Whey: Choc.
Protein powder -- ON Whey: Mocha cappuccino
Protein powder -- ON Whey: Vanilla ice cream
Protein powder -- Orgain Organic Vegan protein powder
Protein powder -- PhytoBerry
Protein powder -- Plant Fusion choc
Protein powder -- Plantfusion Choc
Protein powder -- PP Veganmix vanilla
Protein powder -- Premier Protein
Protein powder -- Protizyme PB Cookie
Protein powder -- Pure Protein, frosty choc
Protein powder -- PVL Iso Gold: Choc.
Protein powder -- PVL: Mint Choc. Chip
Protein powder -- PVL: PB Choc.
Protein powder -- Quest Vanilla
Protein powder -- Quest, Choc Milkshake
Protein powder -- Quest, Cookies and Cream
Protein powder -- Quest, Peanut Butter
Protein powder -- Quest, Salted Caramel
Protein powder -- Scivation: Solution 5
Protein powder -- SirenLabs, Isolate, Chocolate
Protein powder -- SirenLabs, Isolate, Vanilla Ice Cream
Protein powder -- Strong Girl Isolate, Choc
Protein powder -- Sun Warrior
Protein powder -- SunWarrior, Choc
Protein powder -- Syntrax Matrix Cookies & Cream
Protein powder -- Syntrax Nectar, VB Torte
Protein powder -- Syntrax Roadside lemonade
Protein powder -- Syntrax, Choc Truffle
Protein powder -- TN, Choc Coconut Bar, whey
Protein powder -- True Protein Gemma Pea
Protein powder -- True Protein: DC's Protein formula
Protein powder -- Trutein -Cinnabun
Protein powder -- Trutein Banana Cream
Protein powder -- Trutein Birthday Cake
Protein powder -- Trutein Choc
Protein powder -- Trutein Choc PB
Protein powder -- Trutein Choc Truffle
Protein powder -- Trutein Red Velvet
Protein powder -- Trutein Red Velvet Cake
Protein powder -- Trutein, Vanilla
Protein powder -- Trutein: Choc. Covered Banana
Protein powder -- Trutein: Choc. dipped straw.
Protein powder -- Trutein: Choc. PB cup
Protein powder -- Trutein: Milk choc.
Protein powder -- Trutein: Vanilla
Protein powder -- Twin Labs, 100% whey choc
Protein powder -- Vega Sport
Protein powder -- ViSalus, sweet cream
Protein powder -- Vitasport Pro7ein Cookies n Cream
Protein powder -- Vytoch Goat Whey: Vanilla
Protein powder -- Whey 100
Seafood -- Cod
Seafood -- Crab, Ocean's canned
Seafood -- Crab: Alaskan King
Seafood -- Crab: Dungeness
Seafood -- Fish, Shark, RAW
Seafood -- Flaked Albacore canned, Sensations
Seafood -- Flaked light tuna canned, Compliments
Seafood -- Flounder
Seafood -- Grouper
Seafood -- Haddock, baked/broiled
Seafood -- Halibut
Seafood -- Kirkland Atlantic Salmon- frozen
Seafood -- Lobster- Raw
Seafood -- Lobster: cooked
Seafood -- Mackerel, Atlantic
Seafood -- Mahi Mahi, Treasures from the Sea
Seafood -- Ocean's canned Salmon rose
Seafood -- Orange roughy
Seafood -- Pink Salmon, chicken of the sea
Seafood -- Publix, Tilapia
Seafood -- Rainbow trout, smoked
Seafood -- Red snapper
Seafood -- Salmon trout
Seafood -- Salmon, Bear &Wolf Canned
Seafood -- Salmon, Henry & Lisa's
Seafood -- Salmon, Oceans canned wild sockeye
Seafood -- salmon, smoked, CE
Seafood -- Salmon, smoked, Ducktrap
Seafood -- Salmon, StarKist Creations Mango chip.
Seafood -- Salmon, wild Atlantic
Seafood -- Salmon, Wild Planet Alaskan Pink
Seafood -- Salmon: Sockeye
Seafood -- Salmon: Soho
Seafood -- Sardines
Seafood -- Sardines, wild in marinara
Seafood -- Scallops - raw
Seafood -- Scallops cooked
Seafood -- Sea bass
Seafood -- Shrimp
Seafood -- Shrimp: Wild Planet canned
Seafood -- Sole, Catch of the Day frozen
Seafood -- Sole, Olivia frozen
Seafood -- Squid (raw)
Seafood -- StarKist, Tuna Salad Albacore pouch
Seafood -- Swai-Crystal Harvest frozen
Seafood -- Tilapia, High Liner
Seafood -- Tilapia, Kirkland, Frozen
Seafood -- Tilapia, Krimson
Seafood -- Tilapia, Treasures from the Sea
Seafood -- Trader Joe's mahi burger
Seafood -- Trout, farmed, cooked dry heat
Seafood -- Trout, steelhead
Seafood -- Tuna
Seafood -- Tuna, Albacore
Seafood -- Tuna, Bumble Bee, Solid White Albacore
Seafood -- Tuna, Bumblee lemon & dill
Seafood -- Tuna, Clover Leaf skipjack in water
Seafood -- Tuna, RainCoast can albacore
Seafood -- Tuna, Sashimi grade
Seafood -- Tuna, solid white alb.
Seafood -- Tuna, Starkist albacore, lemon/crk pepper
Seafood -- Tuna, Starkist Creations herb/garlic
Seafood -- Tuna, StarKist Sweet & Spicy
Seafood -- Tuna, Starkist yellowfin
Seafood -- Tuna, Starkist yellowfin teriyaki
Seafood -- Tuna, Wild Planet Skipjack Lt.
Seafood -- Tuna. French Creek solid white alb.
Soy Nasoya Organic Extra Firm
Turkey -- Valley Fresh, tinned
Turkey -- 99% lean ground
Turkey -- Applegate bacon
Turkey -- Bacon, Jennie-O
Turkey -- Boar's Head deli
Turkey -- Boar's Head Mesq. wood smoke
Turkey -- Boar's Head, Turkey Pepperoni
Turkey -- Burgers, Kirkland
Turkey -- Butter Ball breat filet mignon
Turkey -- Butterball turkey bacon
Turkey -- Castle Wood Roast deli meat
Turkey -- Foster Farms, ground
Turkey -- Ground, 93/7
Turkey -- Hillshire farm oven roasted turkey
Turkey -- Jack Link's Turkey Jerky
Turkey -- Jennie-O Extra lean turkey pattie
Turkey -- Jennie-O, Turkey tenderloins
Turkey -- Jimmy Dean Turkey sausage crumbles
Turkey -- Kirkland Turkey patty
Turkey -- Lean Life Turkey Bacon
Turkey -- Lildydale bacon
Turkey -- Lilydale Extra Lean Ground turkey-cooked
Turkey -- Lilydale honey roasted
Turkey -- Lilydale Maple Smoked
Turkey -- Lilydale Mesquite
Turkey -- Naturals, carved turkey breast
Turkey -- Oscar Mayer Carving Board
Turkey -- Oven Roasted, Maple Leaf deli sllices
Turkey -- Sausage, andouille
Turkey -- Sausage, Jennie-O
Turkey -- Sausage, Mild Ital.
Turkey -- Simple Truth, Smoked
Turkey -- Sobey's oven roasted deli
Turkey -- Trader Joes, Turkey Hot Dog
Turkey -- Turkey burgers, Trader Joe's frozen, raw
Turkey -- Turkey meatloaf muffins, recipe
Turkey -- Turkey, breast
Yogurt -- Chobani Greek NF blueberry
Yogurt -- Chobani Greek NF plain
Yogurt -- Chobani Greek NF vanilla
Yogurt -- Chobani Greek NF: strawberry
Yogurt -- Dannon Greek 0% plain
Yogurt -- Dannon Greek: vanilla
Yogurt -- Dannon Oikos, Triple Zero, vanilla
Yogurt -- Danon light n fit greek
Yogurt -- Fage 2% plain
Yogurt -- Fage Greek 2% cherry
Yogurt -- Fage Greek NF plain
Yogurt -- Fage Greek, straw goji
Yogurt -- Friendly Farms Greek, Black Cherry
Yogurt -- Key Lime, Oikos
Yogurt -- Kirkland Greek yogurt
Yogurt -- Kroger's CarbMaster: vanilla
Yogurt -- Liberte Greek
Yogurt -- Liberte Greek NF vanilla
Yogurt -- Liberte Greek Plain fat free
Yogurt -- NF plain, Oikos organic
Yogurt -- Oikos Greek: blueberry
Yogurt -- Oikos Greek: Plain
Yogurt -- Oikos Greek: vanilla
Yogurt -- Oikos Triple Zero most flavors
Yogurt -- Olympic Krema
Yogurt -- Organic Meadow FF plain
Yogurt -- Source
Yogurt -- Trader Joe's Greek NF Plain
Yogurt -- White Mountain Bulgarian NF
Yogurt -- Yoplait Greek 100
Yogurt -- Yoplait Light'nFit Carb Control

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