Fat macros
Fat macros:

Bread -- Lydia's sunflower seed
Butter -- Coconut butter, nutiva manna
Butter -- Foremost Laiteries (canadian)
Butter -- Land o Lakes sweet cream salted
Butter -- Land O'Lakes
Butter -- Land O'Lakes Light
Cheese -- Alouette, garlic and herb
Cheese -- Alouette, spinach art.
Cheese -- Baby swiss
Cheese -- Babybel light
Cheese -- Boursin
Cheese -- Cathedral City cheddar light
Cheese -- Cheddar, reg. full fat
Cheese -- Chevrai goat, Woowhich Dairy
Cheese -- Colby
Cheese -- Cracker Barrel Reduced Fat Sharp ched
Cheese -- Cream cheese, onion & chive
Cheese -- Cream cheese, Publix light
Cheese -- Daiya, dairy free, cheddar shreds
Cheese -- Dayia, dairy free, cheddar wedge
Cheese -- De Vinch, shredded pizza cheese
Cheese -- Feta, Athenos reduced fat
Cheese -- Feta, cow and goat blend, Skotidakis
Cheese -- Feta, TJ's Fat Free Crumbles
Cheese -- Frigo String Cheese
Cheese -- Goat
Cheese -- Gorgonzola
Cheese -- Great Value Reduced Fat Cheddar
Cheese -- Greek Feta, Shepherd Costco
Cheese -- Jalapeno jack
Cheese -- Kaltbach gruyere
Cheese -- Kraft 2% Mexican four cheese
Cheese -- Kraft 2% Mozzarella
Cheese -- Kraft 2% sharp cheddar
Cheese -- Kraft shredded parmesan
Cheese -- Kroger shredded sharp cheddar
Cheese -- Kroger, Reduced fat sharp ched
Cheese -- Laughing Cow Light Swiss
Cheese -- Mozzarella
Cheese -- Mozzarella, Daiya
Cheese -- Parmesan-Kroger grated
Cheese -- Parmigiano Reggiano, Kirkland
Cheese -- Part skim ricotta
Cheese -- Philadelphia cream cheese
Cheese -- Philadelphia, 1/3 less fat
Cheese -- Philadelphia, less fat chive & onion
Cheese -- Provolone
Cheese -- Rumiano, Red Fat Cheddar
Cheese -- Sargento Mexican shred.
Cheese -- Sargento Moz. & Prov.
Cheese -- Sargento reduced fat cheddar stick
Cheese -- Sargento, reduced fat Mozzarella
Cheese -- Sargento, reduced fat sharp cheddar
Cheese -- Sargento, reduced fat Swiss
Cheese -- String, Harris Teeter, part skim
Cheese -- Swiss
Cheese -- Tre Stelle Feta light, crumbled
Cheese -- Weight Watchers shred.
Chips -- Kale Krunch - Superfood
Chocolate, Lindt 90%
Coconut, Shredded organic unsweetened
Country Crock - Light
Cracker -- It's Alive Sprouted
Dairy -- Coffee Mate Sugar free French Vanilla
Dairy -- Daisy Light Sour Cream
Dairy -- Nestle Coffeemate sugar free hazelnut
Flaxseed meal, Bob's Red Mill
Flaxseed, Webber Naturals
Flour -- Flax Snax, Go Raw
Gaucamole, Garden Fresh Gourmet
Hummus -- Fontaine sante
Hummus -- Sabra Classic
Hummus -- Sabra, basil/pesto
Hummus -- Sabra, Roasted Red Pepper
Mayonnaise -- Hellman's Light Mayo
Mayonnaise -- Hellmann's
Mayonnaise -- Smart Balance Omega
Milk: dairy & non-dairy -- Almond Breeze Unswet Vanilla
Milk: dairy & non-dairy -- Almond Breeze unswt
Milk: dairy & non-dairy -- Coconut Dream, unsweetened
Milk: dairy & non-dairy -- Coconut, So delicious
Milk: dairy & non-dairy -- Silk -unsweetened
Milk: dairy & non-dairy -- Silk, Pure Almond, Unsweetened Vanilla
Nuts/nut butter -- Almond Butter, Justin's Maple
Nuts/nut butter -- Almond Butter, Marantha
Nuts/nut butter -- Almond Butter, TJ creamy w/Sea Salt
Nuts/nut butter -- Almonds
Nuts/nut butter -- Almonds-BD roasted/salt
Nuts/nut butter -- Blue Diamond Lightly Salted, almonds
Nuts/nut butter -- Blue Diamond, coconut toasted almonds
Nuts/nut butter -- Blue Diamond, dark choc almonds
Nuts/nut butter -- Brazil nuts
Nuts/nut butter -- Buff Bake Choc Chip Peanut Butter
Nuts/nut butter -- Cashew, Maranatha
Nuts/nut butter -- Cashews
Nuts/nut butter -- Chia seeds
Nuts/nut butter -- coconut and peanut spread, Earth Balance
Nuts/nut butter -- Coconut manna
Nuts/nut butter -- Flaxseed, seeds
Nuts/nut butter -- Hemp seeds
Nuts/nut butter -- Justin's Chocolat Hazelnut Butter
Nuts/nut butter -- Macadamia, TJ salted
Nuts/nut butter -- Natural almond butter
Nuts/nut butter -- Natural peanut butter
Nuts/nut butter -- Natural peanut butter, TJ
Nuts/nut butter -- Naturally More
Nuts/nut butter -- Nuts N More, Almond butter, cinn. raisin
Nuts/nut butter -- Nuts N More, Peanut Butter, choc.
Nuts/nut butter -- Nuts N More, Peanut butter, toffee
Nuts/nut butter -- Peanut Butter & Co, Dark Choc
Nuts/nut butter -- Peanut Butter & Co.: White choc
Nuts/nut butter -- Peanuts
Nuts/nut butter -- Pecans
Nuts/nut butter -- pistachios
Nuts/nut butter -- pumpkin seeds
Nuts/nut butter -- Sacha Inchi seeds
Nuts/nut butter -- Sunflower nut butter
Nuts/nut butter -- Sunflower seeds
Nuts/nut butter -- Walnut butter, Artisan
Nuts/nut butter -- Walnuts
Oil -- Coconut
Oil -- MCT
Oil -- Olive, Extra Virgin
Olives, Great Value, sliced
Olives, Pilaros, stuffed with garlic
Olives, Unico, Stuffed Manzanilla
Pesto, Artisan
Salad dressing -- Bolthouse Cilantro Avacado yogurt Dress
Salad dressing -- Bolthouse Ranch Yogurt Dressing
Salad dressing -- Green Garden Vinaigrette
Salad dressing -- Hilary's Ranch Chia
Salad dressing -- Ken's Steak House: Lite Italian
Salad dressing -- Ken's: Lite Caesar
Salad dressing -- Lighthouse Red wine and Olive oil
Salad dressing -- Naturally Fresh, Ginger
Salad dressing -- Naturally Fresh: Light Ranch
Salad dressing -- Newman's Own: Caesar
Salad dressing -- Opa by Lighthouse Greek Yogurt Ranch
Salad dressing -- Renee's Balsamic Vinaigrette
Skotidakis Tzatziki
Tahini, organic
Wholly Guacamole Organic
Wholly Guacamole- 100 cal pouch

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