Individual Coaching
Check out the variety of training and nutrition options I offer to help you achieve your fitness goals.
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Group Coaching
Don’t want to go it alone? I have several options to help small groups take advantage of their shared motivation to tackle a plan together.
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Fitness Technology
I have some of the best fitness tech in the industry available to clients, individuals and even other coaches and trainers.
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Downloadable Programs
Specialized plans, available in PDF format. They are designed as a supplement to your current training program.
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"For anyone who thinks that they just do not have the time or the willpower to make such a life change - you are wrong. You just have not found your Noel yet. But I hope you do - you will be a better person for it, inside and out!"
- Nicole ~ Client
Are you tired of going to the gym every day, working out and running, and eating right and NEVER seeing your body change? Then maybe it's time you hired a diet coach. A Diet Coach can help you break through those sticking points where you feel like you have exhausted your knowledge and resources and need not only the expertise but also the discipline of a coach to help you reach that next level of fitness. As one client put it, "[With Noel] you can expect a relationship similar to that of a coach and athlete. She maintains a perfect balance of compassion, structure and discipline."