Individual coaching

Fully customized nutrition programs that change as your body changes, personalized to you and your active life.


Personal Training
Customized training programs to help you reach your strength and fitness goals
  • Training plans I customize to help you effectively and efficiently reach your training goals
  • Plans built around your training resources -- at home or in the gym
  • Build muscle
  • Lose fat
  • Specializations
$135 every 4 weeks
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MAX Total Nutrition
One-on-one diet coaching, for those looking to reach their Maximum Fitness level
  • I create individual meal plans based on your food preferences
  • Completely Online, easy-to-use reporting system with Dietary Adherence Tracker and instant Biweekly Submission
  • Take the guesswork out of what or how much to eat
  • Food substitution Calculator
  • Nutrition plans that complement and enhance your training regimen as well as busy schedule
$135 every 4 weeks
Add training - $225 every 4 weeks
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MAX Choice Nutrition
One-on-one diet coaching, Technology Driven.
  • I structure your daily intake of protein, carbs, fat and calories
  • Then, you log into our easy-to-use website, choose your foods from a list of options, and the computer will figure your portions! See example!
  • Plan a meal at a time, or print an entire day's menu! We have an extensive database of foods to choose from, and we will add others at your request!
  • I will provide you with consistent feedback and adjust your program as needed
$100 every 4 weeks
Add training - $200 every 4 weeks
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Fitness Tracker PLUS Coaching
If you are interested in flexible dieting with coaching accountability, this is for you $100 every 4 weeks
Add training - $200 every 4 weeks
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One-on-one coaching throughout competition prep
  • Individualized meal planning based on food preference along with macros
  • Completely on line, easy to use reporting system with dietary adherence tracker and biweekly submission
  • Access to Food Substitution Calculator for variety
  • Help with suit selection and discount from preferred custom suit designer
  • Daily check ins during peak week
  • Help with post show reverse diet so rebound is avoided
$250 every 4 weeks
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