Downloadable programs
  Maxfit downloadable programs are available here for immediate access. These specialized plans are a one-time purchase, available in PDF format. They are designed as a great addition to your current training program. Email me with any questions or if you need more details.
Bringing Sexy BACK

Bringing Sexy Back is a back specialization program you would incorporate into your current workout plan to help build a more muscular back. This will help create that narrow waste everyone desires. Make sure you pay attention to form and always work in a pain free range of motion.
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Cardio Killer

EIGHT! fitness programs to switch up the steady state and interval training cardio sessions you’re tired of repeating every time you hit the gym. These metabolic options range from circuits, to ladders, to stairmill protocols, to complexes and even a good ab circuit. These can be used as stand alone options or added to a workout to increase caloric burn. Make sure you bring the intensity and these should kick your butt!!
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Boulder Shoulders

Nothing finishes off a physique like nice round shoulders. Not only can it give your physique the appearance of a smaller waist but it can also really help with posture! This program is designed as a specialization within your current training program. Ideally, I would set up your training plan using these three shoulder days, another upper body for maintenance on Chest/Back/Arms and a lower body day for Glutes and Hamstrings.
$45.00 - Buy now