Carb macros
Carb macros:

Bagel -- Dempster everything bagel
Bagel -- Demster's: Cinnamon raisin
Bagel -- Kroger: Cinn. raisin swirl
Bagel -- Nature's Own: 100% whole wheat
Bagel -- O'Doughs GF bagel
Bagel -- Pepperidge Farms Mini Cin/Raisin
Bagel -- Sara Lee, mini, plain
Bagel -- Thomas Bagel Thins, everything
Bagel -- Thomas Bagel Thins, plain
Bagel -- Thomas': plain bagels
Bagel -- Thomas, mini, plain
Bagel -- Weight Watcher
Bagel -- Wester Perfect 10
Bean -- Allen's butter beans
Bean -- Black - Bush's
Bean -- black beans, canned, Great Value, canada
Bean -- Black beans, Eden organic dry
Bean -- Black Eyed Pes, Peak, dry
Bean -- black, Eden Organic
Bean -- Black, Progresso canned
Bean -- Cannellini, canned, Bush's
Bean -- Chickpea/garbanzo, raw weight
Bean -- Chickpeas dry, publix brand
Bean -- Del Monte lima beans
Bean -- Garbanzo, Bush's
Bean -- Garbanzo, Eden Foods
Bean -- Great Northern Beans, canned
Bean -- Green, Delmonte Italian
Bean -- Kidney, Bush's Dark Red
Bean -- Lentils, TruRoots sprouted
Bean -- Mixed, Unico brand
Bean -- Mung, sprouted, raw
Bean -- Pinto, canned
Bean -- Pinto, raw
Bean -- Refried, fat free, Old El Paso
Bear Naked choc. granola cookie
Bread -- Aldi Live G free Buttermilk Pancakes
Bread -- Aldi Live G Free white
Bread -- Alpine Valley Multi Grain w Omega 3
Bread -- Alpine Valley, Honey wheat w/flaxseed
Bread -- Alvarado Street, Essential flaxseed
Bread -- Arnold Sandwich Thin, honey wheat
Bread -- Arnold, sandwich thins
Bread -- BFree GF Brown seeded bread
Bread -- Biona Rye
Bread -- Biona Rye plain
Bread -- Brownberry, 100% ww
Bread -- Buckwheat Rice
Bread -- Bun, Nature's own whole wheat
Bread -- Burgen, soy lin
Bread -- Canyon Bakehouse, GF
Bread -- Country Harvest, Sprouted wheat
Bread -- Dave's Killer Bread 21 whole grain
Bread -- Dempster whole grain 12 grain
Bread -- Dempster whole grain seed lovers
Bread -- Dempster, multigrain
Bread -- Dempster, whole grain flax
Bread -- Earthgrains, wheat berry
Bread -- Euro style, pumpernickel
Bread -- Ezekial, cinnamon raisin
Bread -- Ezekiel, Sprouted whole grain
Bread -- Flatout Light Original Flatbread
Bread -- Flatout, healthy grain harv wht
Bread -- Flatout, Italian
Bread -- Flatout, light sundried tomato
Bread -- Flatout, Multigrain w/ flax
Bread -- Glutino, flaxseed
Bread -- Hamburger bun, Dempster
Bread -- Joseph's, pita, Oat bran & wht.
Bread -- Mestemacher Rye
Bread -- Mestemacher, muti grain
Bread -- Mestemacher, with Rye
Bread -- Nature's Own HW LIFE
Bread -- Nature's Own, 100% whole wht
Bread -- Nature's Own, double fiber wht
Bread -- Nature's Own, Lt. Honey wht
Bread -- Nature's Own, ww sand rolls
Bread -- Nature's Pride, whole wheat
Bread -- Oroweat
Bread -- Orowheat double fiber
Bread -- Pepp Farm. cin raisin swirl
Bread -- Pepp. Farm WW Deli Flats
Bread -- Pepp. Farm, WW deli flats
Bread -- Pepperidge Farm whole grain bread
Bread -- Pita Olafsens flax-multigrain
Bread -- Pita, Country Harvest
Bread -- Pita, Joseph's Flax,oat bran, whole whea
Bread -- Pita, TJ's WW
Bread -- Pita, wieght watchers
Bread -- Rubschlager Sunflower Rye
Bread -- Rudi's, GF orig.
Bread -- Sara Lee, 100% ww
Bread -- Sara Lee, 45 calorie, 100% multi grain
Bread -- Silver Hills Squirrelly
Bread -- Silver Hills, Steady Eddie
Bread -- Stonemill
Bread -- Sunmaid, raisin
Bread -- Tofayan, smart pockets, everything
Bread -- Trader Joes, Soft pretzel
Bread -- Trader Joes, Tandori
Bread -- Udi's GF Hamburger Bun
Bread -- Udi's GF
Bread -- Weight Watcher's, whole wht
Cereal -- 365 Organic PB balls
Cereal -- All-bran Buds, Kelloggs
Cereal -- Barbara Shredded Spoonfuls
Cereal -- Bircher Muesli
Cereal -- Bob's Red Mill hot
Cereal -- Bobo's Oat Bars-original
Cereal -- Brown Rice Crisps
Cereal -- Cascadian Farm, Cin Crunch
Cereal -- Central Market, Cin Raisin
Cereal -- Cheerios
Cereal -- Cheerios, PB
Cereal -- Cream of Rice, BG
Cereal -- Cream of wheat
Cereal -- Crispy Brown Rice, Erewhon GF
Cereal -- Enviro Kids
Cereal -- Erin Baker's granola, apple/cin
Cereal -- Erin Baker's granola, oat/raisin
Cereal -- Ezekiel, golden flax
Cereal -- Fiber One
Cereal -- Granola, Bear Naked Fruit and Nutty
Cereal -- Granola, Bear Naked Vanilla Almond
Cereal -- Granola, buckwheat, Goraw
Cereal -- Granola, Cascadian Farm, choc almond
Cereal -- Granola, choc.,Bear Naked
Cereal -- Granola, oatmeal rais., Bear Naked
Cereal -- Granola, Udi's Vanilla
Cereal -- Great Value Corn Flakes
Cereal -- Hodgemill, muesli
Cereal -- Hodgmill, Multi Grain
Cereal -- Kellog's Corn Flakes
Cereal -- Kellogg's Vector
Cereal -- Life
Cereal -- Living Intentions
Cereal -- Mother's oat bran
Cereal -- Muesli, Bob's Red Mill
Cereal -- Natures Path, Flax Plus Red Berry Crunch
Cereal -- Oat bran, hot
Cereal -- Oatbran, Quaker
Cereal -- Oatmeal, BetterOats Peaches/creme
Cereal -- Oatmeal, BetterOats Straw Creme
Cereal -- Oatmeal, BetterOats, Cin Roll
Cereal -- Oatmeal, cinn. spice instant, Quaker
Cereal -- Oatmeal, Gluten Free Red Mill
Cereal -- Oatmeal, old-fashioned
Cereal -- Oatmeal, Quaker, Maple and Brown sugar
Cereal -- Oatmeal, quick, Quaker
Cereal -- Oatmeal, quick, Ralston
Cereal -- Oatmeal, steelcut, Bob's Red Mill
Cereal -- Oats Revolution, with flax
Cereal -- Organic 365, brown rice crisps
Cereal -- PB Bumpers
Cereal -- PB Puffins
Cereal -- Quacker Grits
Cereal -- Quaker puffed wheat
Cereal -- Reeses Puffs
Cereal -- Shredded Wheat
Cereal -- Simply Fiber
Cereal -- Uncle Sam, Orig.
Cereal -- Weetabix
Cheese -- Daiya vegan mozz
Chips -- Brad's Raw Chips- Kale
Chips -- TJ Pretzel Chips, Everything
Chips -- Tostitos, Baked
Chips -- Veggie, whole foods
Cocoa powder, unsweetened
Coconut Flour (organic)
Cottage cheese -- Breakstone 2%
Cottage cheese -- Breakstone Fat free
Cottage cheese -- Dairyland 1%
Cottage cheese -- Friendship 1%
Cottage cheese -- Friendship Fat free
Cottage cheese -- Light N Lively Low fat
Cracker -- Ak-Mak, sesame
Cracker -- Annie's Cheddar Bunnies
Cracker -- Mary's Gone crackers
Cracker -- Matzo, salted
Cracker -- Rice Crisps, Sea Salt
Cracker -- Sesame Rice, 365
Cracker -- Vanilla Wafer, 365 Organic
Cracker -- Wasa
Dairy -- Almond Breeze, vanilla milk
Dairy -- Halo Top Light Ice Cream
Dairy -- Sour cream, fat free
Enchilada Sauce, Old El Paso
English muffin -- Compliments plain
English muffin -- Dempster, 100% ww
English muffin -- Ezekial, cinnamon raisin
English muffin -- Ezekiel Cinbamon Raisin
English muffin -- Ezekiel English Muffin
English muffin -- McGavin's
English muffin -- No Name, Whole Wheat
English muffin -- Oroweat, cinn. raisin
English muffin -- Pepp. Farm 100% WW
English muffin -- Thomas 100% WW
English muffin -- Thomas' 100 cal.
English muffin -- TJ fat free
English muffin -- Weight watcher
Flour -- Nutiva, coconut flour
Flour -- Sunblast Coconut Flour
Flour -- Whole wheat
Fruit -- apple
Fruit -- Apple
Fruit -- applesauce, unsweet, TJ
Fruit -- Banana
Fruit -- Bare fruit apple chips
Fruit -- Blackberries
Fruit -- Blueberries, fresh
Fruit -- Blueberries, frozen
Fruit -- Cantaloupe
Fruit -- Cherries
Fruit -- Clementine
Fruit -- Cranberries
Fruit -- Dessert Valley Dates
Fruit -- Fig
Fruit -- Frozen Cherries, Private Selection
Fruit -- Grapefruit
Fruit -- Grapes
Fruit -- Hala, Mandarin, Cutie
Fruit -- Juice, Tropicana orange 50%
Fruit -- Kiwi
Fruit -- Lemon
Fruit -- Mango
Fruit -- Mango, frozen
Fruit -- Nectarine
Fruit -- Orange
Fruit -- Peach
Fruit -- Pear
Fruit -- Persimmons
Fruit -- Pineapple
Fruit -- Pineapple, frozen chunks
Fruit -- Plum
Fruit -- Pomegranates
Fruit -- Publix Frozen Triple Berry
Fruit -- Raspberries
Fruit -- Raspberries, thawed, Trader Joe's
Fruit -- Strawberries, fresh
Fruit -- Strawberries, frozen
Fruit -- Tomato
Fruit -- Watermelon
Fruit -- Whole Berry Medley Frozen, Great Value
Grains -- Buckwheat groats
Grains -- Bulgur, Bob's Red Mill
Grains -- Bulgur, light, Bob's Red Mill
Grains -- Chia seeds
Grains -- COOKED Tesco Bulgur Wheat
Grains -- Millet
Grains -- Organic Wheat Berries
Grains -- Pearl barley
Grains -- Quinoa
Grains -- Quinoa, 365 organic white
Grains -- Quinoa, TJs Tricolor
Grains -- Trader's Joe's Harvest Grains blend
Grains -- Wheat bran, unproc., Hodgson Mill
Hummus -- Athenos roasted garlic
Jam, Smuckers SF grape
Jelly, Polaner All Fruit, Cherry
Ketchup, Portland
Kimchi, King's
Lentils, Nature's Earthly Choice
Marinara, Victoria
Milk: dairy & non-dairy -- 1% milk
Milk: dairy & non-dairy -- Almond Breeze Original
Milk: dairy & non-dairy -- Chocolate, lowfat, Kroger
Milk: dairy & non-dairy -- Coles lite milk
Milk: dairy & non-dairy -- Kefir, NF plain
Milk: dairy & non-dairy -- Land O'Lakes Fat Free Half and Half
Milk: dairy & non-dairy -- Skim milk
Muffin -- Bananaberry Bomb
Muffin -- BetterOats, Blueberry
Muffin -- TJs Apple Cranberry fiber mini
Nuts/nut butter -- Better'n Peanut butter Regular
Pasta sauce -- Barilla Tomato Basil
Pasta sauce -- Classico Tradition Pizza sauce
Pasta sauce -- Hunt's, Four Cheese
Pasta sauce -- Italian Herb, 365
Pasta sauce -- Newman's Own Marinara
Pasta sauce -- Prego Heart Smart
Pasta sauce -- Prego Light Smart Pasta sauce
Pasta sauce -- Prego Original (Canadian)
Pasta sauce -- TJ, FF pizza sauce
Pasta -- Aldi Live G free brown rice spag
Pasta -- Banza, Ziti
Pasta -- Barilla, Angel Hair
Pasta -- Barilla, Orzo
Pasta -- Blue Mountain Spag
Pasta -- Brown Rice Fusilli, Pasta Joy
Pasta -- Brown Rice Penne Lunberg GF
Pasta -- Brown Rice Penne, TJ, GF
Pasta -- Brown Rice, Pasta Joy
Pasta -- Catelli Smart Pasta Fusilli
Pasta -- Couscous, brown rice, Lundburg
Pasta -- Couscous, dry measure
Pasta -- Couscous, Harvest blend, Trader Joe's
Pasta -- Couscous, NearEast, Parmesan
Pasta -- Flax Rice Spirals, Eden Organic
Pasta -- Fusilli, la Molisana
Pasta -- HC Fresh mixer rotini and marinara
Pasta -- Kamut Spirals, Eden Organic
Pasta -- Lasagna, WW, Hodgson Mill
Pasta -- Near East, Parmesean
Pasta -- Near East, Roasted Garlic/Olive oil
Pasta -- Penne, tru Roots
Pasta -- Quinoa, Ancient Harvest
Pasta -- Rotini, whole grain, Barilla
Pasta -- Spaghetti, thin, Barilla
Pasta -- Spinach Penne, 365
Pasta -- Tinkyada brown rice pasta
Pasta -- Trader Joe's, brown rice & quinoa
Pizza crust -- Udi's GF
Popcorn -- 365 Microwave no oil/salt
Popcorn -- Jolly Time Healthy Pop Kettle Corn
Popcorn -- Orville Redenbacher kernels
Post workout -- Cool Whip- fat free
Post workout -- Craisins
Post workout -- fudge stripes(100 calorie pack)
Post workout -- Hershey's Choc Syrup
Post workout -- Hershey's SF Syrup
Post workout -- Nestle Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches
Post workout -- Nilla Wafers, reduced fat
Post workout -- Reddi Whip FF
Post workout -- skinny cow vanilla icecream sand
Potato -- Ore Ida, potatoes obrian frozen
Potato -- Purple potato
Potato -- Red
Potato -- Russet
Potato -- Sweet
Pretzels -- Pretzel Crisps-original
Pretzels -- Shiloh farms sprouted wheat
Pretzels -- Snyder's mini
Pretzels -- Trader Joes, Honey wheat
Protein powder -- Visalus, nutra cookie Choc Chip
Protein powder -- Visalus, nutra cookie PB
Pudding -- Sug free lowfat Jello pudd cups-choc
Pumpkin -- Japanese kabochi
Pumpkin -- Libby's pumpkin
Rice cakes -- Buttered popcorn, Quaker
Rice cakes -- Caramel CC, Quaker
Rice cakes -- Caramel corn, Quaker
Rice cakes -- Choc. crunch, Quaker
Rice cakes -- Cinn. apple, Quaker
Rice cakes -- Crispy mini, Quaker
Rice cakes -- Kallo, Milk Choc
Rice cakes -- Lightly salted, Quaker
Rice cakes -- Lundberg, Cinn Toast
Rice cakes -- Lundburg
Rice cakes -- Quaker mini vanilla creme brulee
Rice cakes -- Quaker Rice Crisps Cheddar
Rice cakes -- White cheddar, Quaker
Rice -- Basmati
Rice -- Brown, short grain, Lundberg
Rice -- Calif. brown, long grain
Rice -- Calif. Calrose, cooked, Homai
Rice -- Farro, whole grain
Rice -- H.E.B., frozen whole grain brown
Rice -- Jasmine Rice, President's choice
Rice -- Jasmine, Great Value Thai
Rice -- Minute Brown Rice
Rice -- Minute Read to serve Brown
Rice -- Minute ready to serve brown rice
Rice -- Minute White Rice
Rice -- Rice paper, thai
Rice -- Tinkyada, brown
Rice -- TJ frozen brown rice
Rice -- Uncle Ben's Ready Rice Garden Veg
Rice -- Uncle Ben's wholegrain brown
Rice -- White, Short grain, Cooked
Sauce, Kikkoman Teriyaki Marniade
Snack Shack pretzel chips
Syrup, Joseph's SF
TJ's Fruit Bar with Flax and Chia
Tomatoes, Hunt's canned
Tortilla -- Corn, Ezekial
Tortilla -- Corn, Guerrero
Tortilla -- Dempster WW
Tortilla -- Dempster's thins tortilla
Tortilla -- Dempster, Bodywise
Tortilla -- Flour, 6in, Mission
Tortilla -- Flour, 8in, Great Value
Tortilla -- Guerrero flour 8 inch
Tortilla -- La Banderita
Tortilla -- La Tortilla Factory
Tortilla -- La Tortilla smart and delicious
Tortilla -- Low Carb, High Fiber, Ole
Tortilla -- Low carb, large, La Tortilla
Tortilla -- Mission Deli, multigrain
Tortilla -- Mission, Extra Fluffy
Tortilla -- Mission, white corn
Tortilla -- Multigrain w/ EVOO, La Tortilla
Tortilla -- Olafsons Rio Grande Wheat
Tortilla -- TJ's with Flax
Tortilla -- Toufayan Original Wrap
Tortilla -- Tumaros Garden Veggie
Tortilla -- Weight Watchers whole wheat tortilla
Tortilla -- WW, Carb balance, Mission
Tortilla -- WW, Mission
Tortilla -- WW, Western Family
Tortilla -- Xtreme High Fiber Wrap
Vegetable -- Beets
Vegetable -- Beets
Vegetable -- Butternut Squash, baked
Vegetable -- Carrots
Vegetable -- Cauliflower
Vegetable -- Cauliflower, mashed, Bird's eye
Vegetable -- Corn, Del Monte, peaches and Cream
Vegetable -- Corn, yellow, canned
Vegetable -- kale, raw
Vegetable -- Pumpkin, canned
Vegetable -- Rutabaga, cooked
Vegetable -- Squash, butternut, raw
Vegetable -- Squash, Spag, Cooked
Vegetable -- Squash, Spaghetti raw
Vegetable -- Zucchini
Veggie crinkle chips
Waffle, Van's
Waffle, Vans Lite
Wheat berries -- Bob's Red Mill Hard Red Spring
WholeSum Bar, Dark Choc Cherry Cashew
Yogi Mtn. Blueberry Flax gran. Crisp
Yogurt -- 2%, cherry, Fage
Yogurt -- Activa, natural
Yogurt -- Blueberry, Oikos
Yogurt -- Friendly Farms Greek, Black Cherry
Yogurt -- Gippsland Dairy
Yogurt -- Honey, Oikos
Yogurt -- iogo
Yogurt -- Iogo, nonfat
Yogurt -- Key Lime, Oikos
Yogurt -- LF, no sugar added, Publix
Yogurt -- LF, pineapple, Chobani
Yogurt -- Mountain High
Yogurt -- NF, Blueberry, Chobani
Yogurt -- NF, plain, Chobani
Yogurt -- NF, plain, Fage
Yogurt -- NF, strawberry, Chobani
Yogurt -- NF, Vanilla, Chobani
Yogurt -- NF, vanilla, Liberte
Yogurt -- NF, Yoplait Light
Yogurt -- Oikos, Canada, Key Lime
Yogurt -- Plain, Oikos
Yogurt -- Sihouette
Yogurt -- Source
Yogurt -- Strawberry goji, Fage Greek
Yogurt -- Vanilla, CarbMaster, Kroger
Yogurt -- Vanilla, Dannon Greek
Yogurt -- Vanilla, Oikois
Yogurt -- Vanilla, organic, Stonyfield

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